There was only sunshine for us August 18!
There was only sunshine for us August 18!
Over 60 family members attended! On behalf of the Reunion Committee, we're so glad you all made it.  We did miss those who couldn't attend, but there will be another opportunity to join the fun next year.

A family Facebook page will be established for more updates, pictures and planning for 2019.  So keep an eye out for invitations!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
8/12/18: We're just six days away from the picnic!  Take a look at the menu page - a lot is there, but if you haven't decided what to bring, there are things you can pick off the list.

7/15/18:  Looks like we have 2 family members volunteering to cook!  

7/18/18: Paper invites mailed out to families.  Contact numbers and names of committee members are included on invite so call anyone on the list if you have questions or suggestions.

7/22/18: 90 T-shirts ordered.  RSVPs still coming in!  Anyone who has any suggestions for activities, put them on Message Board or call one of the Committee members on the invite.
Update: 7/8/18:
Paper invites will go out within a week or so with reunion information.  Also a list of food, drink and other BBQ items so you can check off what you're bringing.

Actvities: So far we have volleyball, card games (Hearts, Spades), 1-2-3 Red light; more suggestions welcome

Program of activities - to be confirmed
Welcome Family!

Reunion Committee had a conference call  6/17/18. 
  1. Danish Home of Edison confirmed - rental check and contract mailed for 8/18/18
  2. Site has 8 ft and 6 ft tables and a bandshell good for a podium, announcements, DJ
  3. Sharing costs: 5 family split for costs - $375 for site + reservation fee $50; cleanup fee $50
  4. Discussed hiring a grill cook - still checking
  5. DJ Confirmed! 7/8/18
  6. Menu - updates still coming in
  7. Message Board - create a name and password to use message board - exchange info, share rides, 
  8. If you want to get added to the site, email